A little sliver of my life. I have a love for self portraits, probably because I am always the one holding the camera!


I took my first photography class in the 5th grade and was hooked. We started with pin hole cameras, not very advanced but a great introduction to the process and we did get to develop our own images.

I grew up in Conifer, Colorado enjoying the outdoors and constantly borrowing my Dad's camera.

I went off to college in the Northwest and my passion for photography grew. This was back when you used film and developed your images in the darkroom. How things have changed! Now I revel in my ability to take unlimited pictures as well as the immediate gratification that digital provides. That being said, I find that my experience in the darkroom is invaluable to understanding the complexities of photography.

I spent many years enjoying the Northwest before moving back to Colorado. I have 2 beautiful children who keep my shutter clicking steadily. Photographing my own children has added a whole new dimension to my photography.

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